Slices of life in GDR

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Along the Spree is the museum of the GDR, that is, an era that marked forever the history of Berlin and, more generally, the history of Germany. Indeed, the arrival of the "iron curtain" between Western Europe and the Eastern bloc had a considerable influence on the lifestyles of Berlin until his fall in 1989.

The museum purposes, not without a certain nostalgia, to relive this years when communism was experienced as accepted or rejected by the people. We discover the habits of the people, the architecture of the time, the interiors of apartments as well as music that could be heard. 

The course is very original because emphasing on interactivity (open drawers, mechanisms to activate) with the ability to play as a Stasi agent listening to the discussions through the walls. Many archival documents reveal the nudist beaches, the clothing style of the 1970s as well as advertisements for the legendary Trabant. 

The last room is occupied by an office of Communist leader, dominated by the portraits (alive!) of Lenin, Marx and Engels. The opportunity to go back to the "Cold War" years by discovering the military equipment of the time and the methods used to interrogate dissidents. Informative!

In short, an exhibition to recommend to any fan of the film "Goodbye Lenin!" and those who have never taken a history course of their lives.


DDR Museum Berlin

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1

10178 Berlin


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