Punk is not dead, Berlin proves it

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Although knowing the Ramones in name only, I have been tempted by the exhibition dedicated to them. It was with surprise that I discovered a place between a bar and an exhibition where fans can buy their t-shirt while listening to their favorite band. Relatively rich, the "museum" purposes to discover this legend of punk through many concert posters, photos from family albums and projections of lives. The question is, why are the Ramones so popular in Berlin as they are typically American?

The answer comes from the title of one of their songs: "Born to die in Berlin", true declaration of love to the spirit of freedom in Berlin, including the fall of the wall where the "brothers" Ramones were present. Since this event, the group is the subject of a cult and thousands of fans are reliving their punk years in Berlin. Unfortunately, the members are no longer there to talk about it, most of them have not passed the age of 60.

From this point of view, the museum completed perfectly its function of "sanctuary"...


Ramones Museum


Krausnickstraße 23

10115 Berlin


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