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Located in the areas of the Potsdamer Platz, the Museum of Decorative Arts or "Kunstgewerbemuseum", is one of the oldest museum in Berlin. Arranged over four floors, it proposes to follow the evolution of ancient objects post-antquity until today. By exploring the styles and periods of art history, it lets us see the reliquaries of medieval inlaid with precious stones, the first art deco ceramics as well as some furnitures from the french designer Starck. 


Although appearing disjointed at first glance, the exhibition shows a real consistency due to the fact that each room follows a precise chronological order. The visitor will so understand the influence that had certains objects of the past on furniture of daily life. Even if the Art History leaves you cold, you will surely appreciate the aesthetic quality of the pieces presented. Indeed, many of it were commissioned by representatives of the church, the royal court and members of the aristocracy.


Here will you find a short description of the various floors that structure the museum:

On the ground floor - Craft techniques Cultural History

First floor: Renaissance until Art Déco

First basement: Middle Age until Renaissance

Second basement: Modern art craft and design




Tiergarten 6, Potsdamer Platz

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