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To be honest with you, find my second year internship was not easy. Indeed, unlike the students who go to English speaking countries and seek their own there, I had to find one before I left for Germany. I started my research in October and soon appeared to me a sad reality: the companies in England and Ireland, are reluctant to employ students at the beginning of the year (January-February) and especially over a short period: two months. The reason for this is that the annual report has been filed and that employees are often too busy to support a trainee. Despite many phone calls, requests by mail, reminders, and assistance at school, I do not find anything until December.


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To overcome this situation, I called my closest network. By contacting friends of my parents or friends of friends, I was directed to an area I know a little : the banking sector. Having expressed the primary aim: speaking English for two months, my contact presents to me an agency of the company where she works, HSBC, internationally oriented and thus strongly disposed to use the English language. I send a mail to the head director who confirms that the majority of clients are English speaking and, moreover, present all around the world.  After discussing a mission internship focusing on customer contact in English, the proposal was quickly transformed into an opportunity.

In spite of the fact I will work in France, I was guaranteed it will be possible to improve my English level while learning more about the bank and its customers.


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