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Today was the International Day where each student was asked to take a stand to present its countries. On the menu: many local dishes, drinks, films about the different countries, their cultures  and a charged atmosphere in which some paraded in traditional costume. From american donuts to sushis specially prepared for the occasion, students were able to discover the wealth of each country and present their school or university. 

Of all nationalities, France was the most represented with no fewer than fifteen students. Never the Franco-German friendship will be so well! This allowed us to enjoy the more adventurous dishes as legendary as the sausage, foie gras, pickles or the equally popular camembert. However, we do not have to share with others our culture of wine, alcohol being prohibited inside the university. This is not a problem, we will have many more opportunities to do it ...

I remembered this day a beautiful sharing lesson  where the inter-cultural dialogue was more alive than ever and where no prejudice had its place, even if the English and Irish had two booths away. Japanese students were trying to Argentinian their traditional dresses when some Americans experienced Indian tunic for your viewing pleasure. 

The world undoubtedly has so much to offer!


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