"Ich bin ein Berliner !"

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Next to the Brandenburg Gate and right the Embassy of France, is the Kennedy - Museum. The ex-U.S. President is indeed part of the memory of Berlin for his speech on June 23, 1963 and the famous "Ich bin ein Berliner", addressed in support of a city still bruised. 

Pretty small, the exhibition pays tribute to the man, his destiny without too much insist on his tragic end. Objects of his life such as notes, letters, clothes and family photos help to better understand the character and the exceptional relationship he had with his wife.

Note the presence of an extremely rare album of Superman and for good reason, he directed the President in the presence of the hero one day before the assassination of Dealey Plaza. Hesitant about publishing the comic, the editors finally get it out to make a final tribute to "Super John". The album is now one of the most coveted by collectors. You understand why...

An exhibition of photographs by Martin Schoeller, photographer of stars, also welcomes visitors on two corridors. The portraits capture the naturalness of people like Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, through Kissinger or Clint Eastwood.


The Kennedy - Museum


Pariser Platz 4a

10117 Berlin


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