HWR for "Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht"

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The time is come for me to present you the place where I will study for four months: die Hochschule für Wirtschft und Recht or, in English: The Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL).


Wilkommen zu HWR !



Friday 1st April (and this not a joke), I am greeted, like other Erasmus students, in a room at the third floor. Prof. Dr. Bernd Reissert, the president, has prepared his Powerpoint and invites us to consider how lucky we are to study abroad. Like us, at his time, he tells us to have discovered new cultures during his studies and how much it has been useful to his personal evolution, his professional integration. For him, the BSEL can exactly offer the same type of experience and much better. Berlin being a great example of multicultural city in Europe and all around the world. In some points, he traces the history of the institution, its changes, its objectives, its ethics, its place within the city. Moreover, he confirms the willingness of the institution to always go to an international dimension, by promoting exchanges with abroad and reinforce existing relations with companies. The room is seduced and applause are soon to be heard.


After his speech, members of the team presents one by one. They are approximately 7 persons, between 20 and 45 years and all show their joy at being with us for this day. Mrs Mahnkopf, responsible of the International Office describes the steps which a student must submit to study in Germany and soon we realize that the administrative papers are not only French. Two young ladies succeeded her and present to us the different cultural attractions in Berlin including Museums, places and the activities programmed for the semester.

The meeting ended with a buffet for breakfast where everyone meets.


Built to last


Founded in april 2009, the BSEL is the result of a merger between the Berlin School of Economics and the FHVR Berlin, a university of applied sciences for administration and law. The first one, the BSE, existed for over 30 years and was well known as one of the first universities offering programs for young generation of managers in Germany. The second, previously known as “FHSVR”, was founded in 1973 and provided the qualifications needed for the careers in the higher levels of West Berlin civil service sector. 


Today, the BSEL is:


- 9115 students

- 175 professors

- 5 divisions

- And 480 partners in Industry


The campus


The place where I study is the Schöneberg campus, in the south of Berlin, near the Bayerischer Platz. I have about thirty minutes to go there, by taking the subway and walking a little bit. Around the main place, there are also two other buildings, one, inside the first bloc and the other by crossing two streets. The set looks really big but it is necessary given the university receives approximately 9000 students per year. Indeed, the BSEL promotes an international approach in order to form its students: 130 partner universities and around 300 foreigner students each semester. It seems so normal to meet students from all around the world in the classrooms or at the cantine.


Mesa, our university restaurant



As in most German universities, students may find themselves for lunch. In the main building at the last floor (fifth floor), there is a self-service where it is very easy to eat. Indeed, it possible to pay in cash as by a card you can reload in the dedicated terminal. This service allows students to eat healthily on a budget of € 25-30per month. I just regret that purposed dishes are not very typical, regarding Germany and her culinaries specialities.

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