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My alarm ring at 5:45. I have not sleep a lot, too much excited. The boarding is fixed to 9:50 but to avoid the heavy trafic of monday, we take precaution. Arrived in the airport at 8:00, I cannot be late. Just time to take a coffee before to pass the security test. I have now to wait, comfortably seated in front of the area of flight. At this moment, someone who seems me not unknown comes take a seat with his newspaper. This person, it is Rolando Villazon, a famous opera singer. He seems particularly relaxed, focused on the New York Times. Just before the departure, I wish him a good trip in Berlin and to meet a strong success with his new show. He answers me that this city is beautiful and that it is the ideal place for a student. After a so precious instant, I am ready to go.


First day, first impressions


Having received my luggage, I cross the line of departing. There I meet my buddy, charging by the university to present me Berlin, my housing and the essential shops for the daily needs. His boyfriend drives the car and we discuss about the state, its last changes and the way of life of a berliner. Arrived to the building where I rent a room, a concierge gives me the key and makes sign some administrative documents. Then, after having deposed my luggage, we go eating in a commercial center. The price of the lunch is not very high and the place not so noisy, in spite of the affluence.


As a french in Germany, I meet three problematics: telephone, internet and bank account, the most important. Indeed, if I am not registered in a german bank, I am not more able to pay by card or to receive money by my parent. Having an internet access or a german phone number are so impossible. It is for these reasons that opening an account is so important in Germany, even for a short period. There are three main operators in Germany: T-Mobil, Vodaphone and O2. Following your needs, it is recommended to study their different offers in order to call abroad and be able to receive the call in the country.


By driving in the city, how much Berlin has changed. Since my last visit, five years ago, the urban equipment has been improved, a tram cross the street when advertisements are moving on wall screens. In spite of this modernization, the city remains authentic and does not betray its origins. Indeed, the wall is still alive, magnified by some artists painting. The weight of history is very present, overall in the architecture of the buildings, massive and dominating the landscape between very large streets where it is a pleasure for the bikers to drive. Moreover, we are lucky, it is a sunny day annoucing the summer: the city is more alive than never...



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